Thursday, February 12, 2009


Not only am I not a Progressive, I am not a conservative, properly speaking, either. Progressives want to turn the clock forward, or else bash the clock and learn some new way of telling time that is incompatible with the nature of human perception or, for that matter, of time.

Conservatives want to do literally that: conserve—preserve the status quo. They prefer the devil they do know to the devil they don't. They prefer maintaining the present problems rather than creating new ones. Conservatives want to keep the clock right on time.

Me? I am a Retrogressive. I prefer things past simply because they are past. I like old things because they are ancient, I hate new things because they are new. I don't want to maintain the status quo, but to go back to an earlier status: I want the clock turned back. I prefer the evils of the past to the evils of the present, the thinking of our ancestors rather than thinking of our grandfathers. I would have architects build cathedrals, and not skyscrapers; I would have artists paint something or someone, rather than smudging shit on a canvas; I would have people go to Mass rather than to their stupid book clubs or freemason lodge or asinine fucking political meetings.

"Revolution" does not mean moving forward, it means to go back.

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