Monday, February 2, 2009

Race is Irrelevant

It is really aggravating how the media is sheilding the President from any criticism and then, when criticism does get through (as in the case of Mr. Rush Limbaugh), the critics are called "racist." "Race" has nothing to do with someone's being an idiot. Limbaugh's problem, for one, is that we should not have to bend over backwards (or forwards) to support Obama's politics or policies for fear that if we disagree we'll be called (or will consider ourselves to be) bigots. And I think he's right on target, and I think that is precisely what people are doing.

Two men who are far "blacker" than Obama are Armstrong Williams and Thomas Sowell. Either one of them I--and no doubt Mr. Limbaugh--would support as president. They both have two things that Obama has not: they are both sharp as fucking tacks, and they're not ignoramus Left-wingers. Ask any conservative why they do not like Obama and why they do like, say, Thomas Sowell, and the answers you get may vary. But obviously the reasons for preferring Sowell will abound, and they won't be because of race. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, Sowell is more "black" than Obama, i.e., has two black parents while Obama only has one. So again it will have nothing to do with "race."

This whole issue of "race" is a liberal media tactic to attack with a genetic logical fallacy those who disagree with Obama's socialist agenda without having to provide any rational bases for those positions. That is to say, it is liberals, not conservatives, who are preoccupied with "race." Conservatives do not care about the body, but about the mind.

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