Monday, January 19, 2009

At every turn, I disagree.

I cannot say the extent to which I am alienated from contemporary humanity. Or even, for that matter, ancient humanity. At times I wonder if I am not just one more ideologue, one more idiot, one more liberal (in the originary sense).

I say this because while one might object to liberal (current sense) "law" or conservative "order", I nearly object to both. I should say this: I object to law in nearly every form as we now understand it. I do not object to order, in principle, but I do object to state-sanctioned, state-governed, order, which nearly amounts to law anyway.

Give me a Catholic cardinal, give me a mob boss: but do not give me a government bureaucrat--I might hurt him.

I think it is almost useless to even argue such points anymore, or to listen to such points being argued. I noticed something highly insightful in the Rule of St. Benedict today, which he actually got from the Book of Proverbs: The fool cannot be corrected with words. That, precisely, is why I think no one need make any apology for any abuses perpetrated by either the Medieval Crusaders or the Renaissance Inquisitors. You cannot allow a bunch of idiots run around and ruin everyone's good sense with lies. You can warn them once or twice. But if, inevitably, they will not listen to reason, you must apply the rod. (So I suppose in some cases I can be amenable to order.)

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