Saturday, December 20, 2008

Narcissism by proxy

I mentioned before that I think blogging is stupid. There are probably many reasons to say this, but here is one of them:

Blogging is stupid for the same reason that the preacher on the corner of a metropolitan city is stupid. For the same reason that egalitarianism is stupid. For the same reason that people who think "their vote counts" (and that they should even be entitlted to that vote) are stupid.

That is to say, blogging is stupid because of its "Hey-Look-At-Me!" presupposition. We blog because we think--or at least want--people to notice and to pat us on the back. And then there are people who think that everyone is equal; naturally these people also think that everyone has equal intelligence, that each person has just as much a right to say something as someone else. And that is just stupid in and of itself. That's right, I said it: democracy is stupid. People are created equal, but they don't stay that way.

Now one might ask, well then why am I blogging? I am blogging--as with nearly everything else I do--not because I think it's not stupid--and most everything else one does is equally meaningless--but simply because there's nothing else to do.

Which means: so long as everything I might choose to do is stupid, at least I know how to write, and since I know how to write, I may as well do something stupid that involves writing.

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